There’s something about grass … January 10, 2018

Over 30 years ago I had a dream in which grass featured.  It was newly growing, short, brilliantly green and formed a short-carpeted layer over the ground.  The reason I remember it is not because I obviously kept a written record of the dream, but because of what I was told the dream, in particular the grass, symbolised.

The grass was a representation of my inner spiritual life which was young, growing and alive.  It was a dream of hope and encouragement for me, and an indication that my efforts to work on myself were making a tangible difference; something fundamental was occurring and a foundation was being laid down.

Just recently I had a second dream about grass.  I was with my adult-son who was talking animatedly about the lawn, in particular, not to cut it.  I looked down to a thickly carpeted, luxuriously green, bed of beautifully ‘alive’ grass which stood some 2 inches high.  I took some steps, feeling the grass give slightly as it cushioned my feet.  Suddenly I found myself in the grass itself, looking up at the blades and seeing the blue sky stretching overhead.  Each blade towered above me, and as I stood in this ‘forest’ marvelling at all that was around me, I felt something difficult to put into words; a sense of establishment.  Then, and just as suddenly, I found myself back where I was when the dream commenced, standing on the lawn listening to my son talking, again with that sense of animation.

Dreams tell us all sorts of things about our inner self, our lives, and the universe in which we live, and while some dreams can be a replaying of daily events which have occurred, others quite pointedly reveal psychospiritual difficulties which need to be addressed as they do psychospiritual gains.  This is one of those dreams, and it is as much a dream of confirmation as it is of hope and encouragement.

2017 was an exceptionally difficult year and there were many times when I felt that the chaos of external life overshadowed my work efforts.  This dream tells me that didn’t happen.  This dream affirms that my inner spiritual life is alive, and that something foundational has been established, something that will anchor me to the spiritual universe.  In this there is hope, and in this there is affirmation that the best is indeed, yet to be.

Michele T Knight Written by:

Dr Michele Knight is a Social Worker, Social Scientist, researcher and independent scholar. Her interest and research in the end-of-life has its origin in the lived experiences of her own bereavements, her near-death and shared-death events, the returning deceased and attitudinal responses to those experiences. Since 2006, she has been extensively involved in community development, support and advocacy in both a professional and community services/voluntary capacity in the areas of bereavement and grief, hospital pastoral care, and academic lecturing/tutoring. Her PhD, Ways of Being: The alchemy of bereavement and communique, explores the lived experience of bereavement, grief, spirituality and unsought encounters with the returning deceased.

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