Affirmation March 10, 2019

“I, all of me, wants to grow.  I, all of me, wants higher help.”

Source unknown.

What does it mean to grow?  What does it mean to want higher help?  Why does such an affirmation exist?  What is its purpose in the life of the individual?  How did such an affirmation come into being?

Such questions not only turn one inward, they generate curiosity in the mind.  Why grow, and grow into what, or is that an assumption on my part to think that everyone needs to or indeed wants to grow into something?  What is higher help and where does it come from?

While observing that ‘growth’ has pluralistic meanings in that it means different things for different people, especially in the post-modern world of the 21st Century, in this particular context what does ‘growth’ mean?

This consideration lends itself to the concept of work on oneself and a relationship with something greater than oneself.   It suggests that this work can’t be done alone, that in addition to our own impetus, perhaps in acknowledgement to the knowing that there is more to life,  something else is needed.

What is this ‘something’ and what is it that we grow into?  Now there’s a consideration.

Michele T Knight Written by:

Dr Michele Knight is a Social Worker, Social Scientist, researcher and independent scholar. Her interest and research in the end-of-life has its origin in the lived experiences of her own bereavements, her near-death and shared-death events, the returning deceased and attitudinal responses to those experiences. Since 2006, she has been extensively involved in community development, support and advocacy in both a professional and community services/voluntary capacity in the areas of bereavement and grief, hospital pastoral care, and academic lecturing/tutoring. Her PhD, Ways of Being: The alchemy of bereavement and communique, explores the lived experience of bereavement, grief, spirituality and unsought encounters with the returning deceased.

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