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It was as a child that I first realised I lived in the meeting place of two co-existing or overlapping realities.  One of these realities was solid and tangibly material; it was the world I lived in as a sentient, embodied human being and where I lived my life in the flesh in the material universe.  The other reality was characterised by non-ordinary, other-worldly or what could be termed spiritual phenomena.  Though these phenomena constantly intruded into my daily life, the place from which they came, that is their source, was always seemingly just out of reach.  Since first becoming aware of the duality of these realities, and despite always wanting to have a sense of permanence in at least one of them, I was only ever beset by shadows from both.

When I was twenty years of age that changed because I encountered a body of knowledge, some would say a doctrine, which led me to become a student of an esoteric Christian School, and how I lived in the world and how I understood reality was never the same again.  It was never the same again because I realised that while I believed I was alive, I was merely the recipient of life, and while I knew of the existence of another kind of reality, a non-ordinary or other-worldly reality, I did not understand its’ significance.

As a result of being a student in this School, it now feels that the past, the present and the future continually merge and blend into a unique and dynamic state of being which I experience as ‘now’.  In this state of being it appears that all events coalesce or merge into an ongoing experience of life.  There is no ‘past’ or ‘future’, there are only moments or events which appear to be measurable fragments of time yet framing those moments or perhaps giving them shape and structure, is something profoundly spiritually abiding.  From this abiding there comes an unveiling; tentative at first until gradually a perpetual revealing of the world as it turns on the axis of the universe becomes visible.  And at times, barely discernible, there’s a pulse, a rhythm almost, that seems to beat or throb in time with something that resides beyond the senses.

Michele T Knight Written by:

Dr Michele Knight is a Social Worker, Social Scientist, researcher and independent scholar. Her interest and research in the end-of-life has its origin in the lived experiences of her own bereavements, her near-death and shared-death events, the returning deceased and attitudinal responses to those experiences. Since 2006, she has been extensively involved in community development, support and advocacy in both a professional and community services/voluntary capacity in the areas of bereavement and grief, hospital pastoral care, and academic lecturing/tutoring. Her PhD, Ways of Being: The alchemy of bereavement and communique, explores the lived experience of bereavement, grief, spirituality and unsought encounters with the returning deceased.

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